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Getting Record Results Using Our Business Accounting system

Owning a business is a huge challenge making the right decisions every day all day. Here are a few of your issues you must face almost daily:


  • How to handle a lack of funding

  • Money Management

  • Cash Flow

  • Having the right employees

  • Finding and retaining new clients

  • Having the proper accounting tools

  • Expense control

  • Problem Costs


We all know there is only ONE perfect fix for each issue to obtain the perfect business and/or company. has that perfect answer for every problem.

When you come on board with us you will see, in writing, how your profit will soar within 3 days.

Let the Your Profit Sources team benchmark your business with the most profitable same type businesses to see exactly where your issues (if any) exist in your company. If we don't find issues in your operation, you can keep our system free for your future use.

Call us Monday thru Friday 9AM to 4PM EST at 484-707-9758.




A true professional, progressive Business Accounting System showing you precisely how to run with the top guns in your industry. Your Profit Sources will show you actual numbers, not ratio’s like so-called business consultants try to sell you.

Your Profit Sources builds excel Benchmark Financial Statements specific to each new clients business to find issues holding your company back from achieving top rank industry profit levels.

For decades business owners and corporate CEO’s spend many hours, days and weeks looking for answers to make their business perfect in every way. They want to achieve best in their industry. Very few attain that goal!

For example, In January 2011 we represented a company having a P&L year- end income of $2.131 million and a before tax profit of $850.00, that’s Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars. After we worked our “magic” using our system we found $182,000.00 in annual lost profit….real MONEY. Is this sad, pathetic or both? His answer to his performance was “I knew I had to make these changes, but I just had to hear it from someone else’!

Your Profit Sources has a system designed and proven to put your enterprise at the top literally overnight regardless of the type, size and location. Your Profit Sources will have a patent pending position with the United States Government.


Business Benchmarking done our way by comparing your P&L numbers aside of the #1 company of your type is what we do to find issues within your operation. We find the issues then together we fix the problems.

We have access to a database of over 5000 voluntarily submitted P&L reports from all business types. We search for a company with income similar to yours but with much higher profit and BINGO therein we see all your issues.

With your P&L and your approval, we will compare your numbers with the best in your industry. We then call you to discuss the amount of money (profit) you “left on the table” through the year. We analyze problem costs, cash flow, products and / services pricing structure, profit margins, expense, inventory turns, ROI, break-even, increased net income after taxes and more.    

So, stop wasting your time. Let us “fine-tune” your operation. Together we will make adjustments to your business you will never regret.

How It Works

Our system is based on a live spreadsheet you will have for your review. The system is simple and easy to use. We design a specific-to-your-business Benchmark Financial Statement for your use that allows you and/or your trained office staff to do Benchmarking and to prepare Budgets or Forecasts.

Use your Statement to prepare Federal Tax returns with a highly competent tax attorney to discover more legal tax loopholes adding to your bottom line profit that we already found.

We ask for a one-time $350 system set-up fee to get you started. Also, there will be a small (negotiable) one-time fee to make the adjustments needed to realize the additional bottom-line profit you were missing for years to get to the top of your industry.

To put you at ease, everything we do is highly confidential. Our employees are aware. Your name, your business name and numbers do not get outside the walls and phone and email lines of our office. We guarantee everything we do.

The sooner you make the adjustments that we recommend, the sooner your bank account will grow with every sale hour by hour.

The best part of this system (the Analysis) is currently FREE. We do have optional programs to further increase your profit. These programs do not come free. Together we negotiate the cost of each via telephone. Almost everything we do will be done by telephone! On October 1st 2020, Your Profit Sources will have an increase in our fees.

By coming on board with Your Profit Sources you will be assuring your BUSINESS a top-ranked FINANCIAL future. You have nothing to lose……The money you find is FREE!

The (Benchmark Financial Statement system) will be yours for as long as you own your company.

More Profit Building Resources

Great Incentive Pay Plans

Increase Employee Productivity. Tailor made for all employees.


They’ll love it, they’ll promote it and work harder and much smarter to increase their pay checks.


A win-win for you and your employees!

Fast Business Loans

We currently represent several highly reliable banks and reputable business loan companies to get you needed capital to expand your future growth.


These institutions respect our name and what we do for you insuring their return on the investment they have in your business.


Your time and prompt application questions answered usually takes 3 to 5 days for cash in hand. A great road to take for rapid growth.  

Dramatically increase sales with our low-cost regional TV advertising

This is absolutely the single most effective marketing tool today.


Your Profit Sources can show you how to get high-quality TV ads and ad placement at affordable pricing.


TV done right produces instant floor traffic and calls.   

Unique Best Employee Hiring Program

This pre-interview 10-question, 60-second test will eliminate undesirable employment applicants, saving you valuable time “guessing” who to hire.

It eliminates the need for an HR employee, saving big bucks.


This is currently being Copyrighted (©) and Trademarked (™) by Legal Free Business Money uses Legal Zoom for ALL our legal needs.


We save thousands of dollars yearly to protect our assets. They are friendly, fast and reliable.

We Buy Businesses

Occasionally we get calls from business owners wanting us to either fix their business or sell it!

We can fill either of your wants or needs. Here are the options we propose:

We fix it for you….forever.



Should we feel your business fits our portfolio type, we can cash you out, then we’ll fix it with you managing it with you having an option to buy it back at our price.



We’ll fix it and sell it and possibly combine it with a similar company we already own. You have the option of any of the above.

Start-Ups: You Should Have This System

Many people want to start a business on a dream of making mega bucks.


STOP RIGHT HERE! Seriously consider the following:


According to Forbes Business and Small Business Trends magazines, of all small business start up’s only 4% survive to the second year! Scary isn’t it?


We have all the right answers to create the PERFECT business success right out of the gate, up and running with lots of floor traffic and website hits.

It would be wise to call us to discuss what you need before actually starting, to keep you out of trouble.


We find your demographic population within a 50 mile radius of your location to determine the amount of “seed money” needed to achieve the annual profit forecast most comfortable for your type operation. The total of each expense line item on your Benchmark Financial Statement coupled to your seed money amount pretty much guarantee’s profit starting from the first full month of business.    


For those new starts already in trouble, we can help you with a small business loan to get you out of trouble and keep you out of Bankruptcy.


We work closely with banks and Bankruptcy judges. They love us for what we do for preserving good business practices with business owners. Call us at 1-484-707-9758.


“Together we can deliver growth for Financial Flexibility, Profitability and Freedom to manage your business from wherever you are travelling, vacationing or just plain relaxing with the greatest of ease on a continual basis day and night.”


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